Compulsory Supplementary Pension Insurance Fund of the Republic of Slovenia (SODPZ)

The Compulsory Supplementary Pension Insurance Fund of (SODPZ) is a mutual pension fund aimed at employees who perform particularly difficult work and work that is harmful to health.

Kapitalska družba pokojninskega in invalidskega zavarovanja, d. d. manages the SODPZ in the name and on behalf of policyholders and other beneficiaries.

Who is the Fund aimed at?

In accordance with the ZPIZ-2, the SODPZ includes all employees who perform particularly difficult work, work that is harmful to health and work that can no longer be performed successfully after a certain age.

Jobs for which occupational insurance contributions have to be paid are:

  • jobs for which inclusion in the compulsory supplementary pension insurance system is mandatory following the entry into force of the ZPIZ-2, unless the committee finds that the conditions referred to in Article 199 of the ZPIZ-2 are no longer met;
  • jobs designated by the committee;
  • jobs designated by a special law. The list of jobs is published in the Uradni list Republike Slovenije (Official Gazette of the Republic of Slovenia).
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